Collinstar debuted its Hyper Asian Trip with The Future of Blockchain in Tokyo, Japan.


On 15 Jan, at the very heart of the blockchain community in Tokyo, Collinstar, HCash, HyperPay, Molecular Future, Hyperlending and UCOT debuted their Hyper Asian Trip with The Future of Blockchain in Tokyo, Japan.


NinetyTwo-13 is a famous landmark among the blockchain community in Japan and one of their most favorite gathering places. The building was still a newly renovated apartment in early 2017. The new manager, Nich Lee, came in March, tore down all the renovation and remold the entire building into 1960 Japanese style. The building was converted to an integrated co-shared office, hotel, service apartment and meeting spot. Thereafter, the place has gained wide popularity among the local blockchain community and became one of the top hangout spots for blockchain and crypto meetups and parties.

It was no coincidence that Collinstar and the team started their Asian Road Trip from this unique place. Collinstar itself embodies both the classical tenacity of a financial house and the new spirit of the blockchain era.

Jayden Wei, Executive Director of Collinstar Capital, opened the event with an overview of Collinstar and heart-throbbing fireside chat to answer some burning questions from the audience and the host.


Collinstar Capital: Jayden Wei

Jayden’s opening speech was followed by presentations of Andrew Wasylewicz from Hcash, Sebastian Zhao from Hyperpay, Jason Tso from Molecular Future, Albert Zhang from Hyperlending and John Baird from UCOT. Each of these projects offers a unique and practical solution by tapping into the power of blockchain. 


Hcash: Andrew Wasylewicz


HyperPay: Sebastian Zhao


Molecular Future: Jason Tso


UCOT: John Baird

Following the presentations and Q&A, the team were once again invited to the center stage and joined in an exciting panel discussion. The panelists had constructive discussions on many topics, such as their views on the Australian policy on cryptocurrency and ICOs. The audience is completely enticed to learn about the fascinating information from a country far away in the Pacific Ocean. 


Panel Discussion

The panel discussion concluded the main part of the meetup. Both the speakers and the audiences were then invited to a networking session with food and drinks. The night is still young. And the cryptofans at NinetyTwo-13 were still in full passion. It was almost midnight when people finally start to leave the party and concluded the Tokyo meetup of Collinstar&co successfully. 


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