Tokyo Meetup with THEKEY, Castle Peak Game and ToJoin


On 16 Jan, THEKEY, Castle Peak Game and ToJoin came to Tokyo to meet up with investors and fans. The event was held right at the heart of the blockchain community, NinetyTwo-13.

NinetyTwo-13 is a famous landmark among the blockchain community in Japan and one of their most favorite gathering places. The building was still a newly renovated apartment in early 2017. The new manager, Nich Lee, came in March, tore down all the renovation and remolded the entire building into 1960 Japanese style. The building was converted to an integrated co-shared office, hotel, service apartment and meeting spot. Thereafter, the place has gained wide popularity among the local blockchain community and became one of the top hangout spots for blockchain and crypto meetups and parties.


THEKEY: Catherine Li 

The event was debuted by THEKEY with its innovative second generation identity verification tool that enables real-time and doubtless verification of personal identity. The audience was impressed that a solution is finally available to prove self-identity beyond all doubt. This is truly a historical breakthrough.


Castle Peak Game: Yuanping Wang

Castle Peak Game followed with their advanced gaming platform that promises to transform the online gaming experience. With its office in Beijing and main customer base in the middle-east, the platform brings two very different world together through gaming and creates a highly conducive gaming ecosystem with the application of blockchain technology.


ToJoin: Lutong Guo

ToJoin marks the finale presentation of the day. Its innovative platform brings together people with similar hobbies and binds strangers into friends instantly. It is also a handy application for people to spend their time actively while idling away at the airport or train station. The application aims to join people with different background together in a highly globalized world.

It is interesting to note that all the three presenters for day are females. It testifies that girls and ladies have been a strong growing force in the technical space that were traditionally dominated by males.



Panel Discussion

The presentations were followed by panel discussion. The presenters answered all the questions from the audience and clarified any doubt they have. The group then moved to the lounge and started a cosy networking session with delicious local food and drinks. The meetup in Tokyo was successfully concluded.

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