Catherine Li Awarded the " Ten Most Influential Chinese Women of the Year”



Catherine Li (founder and CEO of THEKEY), who was granted The Most Outstanding Women Entrepreneur in China by All-China Women’s Federation in 2017, was crowned the " Ten Most Influential Chinese Women of the Year”. This year’s judging panel composed of senior editors from Chinese Women's Magazine, a journal of the National Women's Federation. The candidates for the award are all Chinese females. Candidate should have made great contribution to the society or the nation, attained outstanding achievement in her field of specialty, featured on influential media in China and abroad and generated great social impact.


Catherine Li with Lim Hwee Hua, Woman of the Year in Singapore 2009

Some of the award winners in the past years are:

Her Honorable Mdm. WU Yi: ex-Deputy Prime Minister of China

TU Youyou: Nobel Laureate in medicine in Stockholm December 2015

LANG Ping:  MVP of women volleyball in 1984 Olympics. Former head coach of the United States women's national volleyball team 

Below are the snapshots from the award site:






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