TheKey, Castle Peak Game and ToJoin Rejoiced the Seoul Meetup


Following the cosy meetup in Tokyo, THEKEY, Castle Peak Game and ToJoin moved to Seoul in Korea to meet up with local fans and community. The event took place at the Party House of Da noi.

The party house was decorated luxuriously with flowers, crystal lights and delicate cuisine, creating a befitting environment for the gathering of friends and close-knit community. Despite the recent tightening of regulation in Korea, fans and community members are turning up for the event. Edward Du, co-founder of Talenta Pte. Ltd. Singapore and organizer of the meetup, opened up the event. 

The main part of the event started with THEKEY presenting its IDV2 technology. The presentation took 15 minutes as usual. The Q&A session, however, took a good 50 minutes as there were many questions coming from the representatives from THEKEY Korea community. Right after the presentation, Catherine Li, CEO of THEKEY, had to make her way to the airport due to her busy schedule to return to work.


 Catherine Li, CEO of THEKEY

The presentation was followed by the video of Castle Peak Game. Edward took the opportunity to introduce this unique game that serves the Middle East Customers from its technical force in Beijing. Korea is a country famous for Esports and top-notch Gamers. It is therefore of little surprise that projects like Castle Peak Game can attract strong attention of the local community. 


Castle Peak Game

As usual, ToJoin marks the finale of the day. In fact, the two founder of ToJoin arrived only minutes before their presentation due to their busy schedule of work. Miss Guo Lutong, CEO of ToJoin, presented their blockchain application that help to connect strangers and quickly turn them into friends that share the same hobby or activity. The application has already received strong support from private investors and ICO quota is expected to be highly limited.


Miss Guo Lutong, CEO of ToJoin

The event was successfully closed as new and old friends come together to share their story and a sumptuous dinner in a close-knit community. We can look forward to more events and activities from the three projects which have already created strong enthusiasm in the ICO space.



Talenta with TheKey, ToJoin and Castle Peak Game


Catherine received interview from ICO Crowd magazine

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