Asia Blockchain news roundup 25 Jan


CoinMeet is marching into the Southeast Asian market and won approbation by the former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand


CoinMeet Team with Prachuab Chaiyasan, the former Deputy Prime Minister

On January 22, 2018, the Asia Pacific Financial Blockchain Conference was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand. Heavyweights political gust Prachuab Chaiyasan, the former Deputy Prime Minister and also the minister of foreign affair of Thailand, was invited to the seminar. Alan Lee, co-founder of CoinMeet, Patrick, a digital asset researcher and a number of senior technical researchers and promoters in the blockchain industry also attended to the conference.

Alan Lee, co-founder of CoinMeet, makes a speech at the seminar on behalf of CoinMeet. He says that due to holding a variety of digital assets, users need to switch among various independent products developed by different digital asset issuers. It is difficult to achieve unified management. The safety, privacy, convenience of products can’t be effectively protected for users. As a result, CoinMeet is a one-stop-product for digital asset participants to create a blockchain ecosystem of digital assets, digital identities and digital social networking that will make it easier for global users to access digital financial services.

CoinMeet announced its goal of reaching 20 million subscribers by the end of 2018 and announced that it would march into the Southeast Asian market as soon as possible to provide high quality and convenient services for overseas Chinese and overseas users. At the meeting, Prachuab Chaiyasan, also downloaded CoinMeet on the spot and ask provider the use method.

At the seminar, several guests from other countries and regions expressed their appreciation for CoinMeet and the willingness to open the door to such an outstanding blockchain project. It is worth believing that CoinMeet will take this seminar as an opportunity to expand its market in Southeast Asia in the near future.

East Ventures embraces New Retail with the launch of smart 'warung' project


Southeast Asian venture capital firm East Ventures on Tuesday launched Warung Pintar, a project that aims to provide digital solutions for grassroots populations.

“Warung” or small street kiosks are typically owned and operated by small business owners. Existing in almost every street corner in every Indonesian cities and villages, warungs provide daily necessities from bread, soap, to cigarettes.

However, as described by Warung Pintar COO Harya Putra in a press statement, warung is more than just a place to shop. It also serves as a “local community centre” where customers meet to hangout, charge their smartphones, have coffee, and even watch football match together.

The new project wants to take warungs to the digital era by implementing blockchain, big data analysis, and IoT.

In addition to shopping for daily necessities from soap to cigarette, Warung Pintar also allows customers to do online transactions such as purchasing airline tickets or phone credits. It also has a digitised bookkeeping, warehousing, distribution process, and cash register system.

All the technologies used in every warung is supplied by East Ventures’ portfolio companies such as Moka POS, Jurnal, Kudo, Do-Cart, and Waresix.

It implements a partnership model with warung owners, requiring them to provide “commitment, honesty, and time to fix up the warung as needed.”

The project has operated up to eight outlets in Greater Jakarta Area by far.

“While the adoption of digital platforms by consumers and merchants is gaining fast momentum in Indonesia, we do notice that there is a certain segment of society that has no such privilege due to their overall lack of exposure to the digital world,” said East Ventures Managing Partner Willson Cuaca.

“Warung Pintar has taken a different approach to serving this unprivileged segment, not only by providing them with digital platforms but also by building a physical presence for them to operate. We build end-to-end solutions, including finding the land, financing, merchandising, and marketing. Warung Pintar is Indonesia’s answer to ‘new retailer’,” he added.

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