Breakthrough by THEKEY in Heilongjiang Province Achieved Massive Media Outreach


The recent breakthrough by THEKEY in Heilongjiang province has attracted broad attention from news media all over the world. The article has been selected by more than 300 online news medias to be broadcasted around. Including renowned tier-1 internet media such as Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Business Journals, Business Weekly and many others. It was also reposted by some of the most popular social media platforms such as twitter channels with tens of thousands of followers. 

This widespread publicity is the best testament that THEKEY has already attracted strong global attention and it will soon put itself on a global roadmap to bring its benefit to people all over the world.

Renowned online media

Yahoo Finance 

Business Insider 

Seeking Alpha 

Business Journals 

Los Angeles Business 

New York Business Journal 

Business Weekly 


Twitter Channels      138,000 followers     80,000 followers      70,000 followers      70,000 followers



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