“Chengdu Human Resources & Social Security 123” App Officially Launched in Chengdu


“Chengdu Human Resources & Social Security 123” App Officially Launched in Chengdu


Recently, the long-awaited “Chengdu Human Resources & Social Security 123” app was finally officially launched in Chengdu! Developed by Blockchain specialist, THEKEY and strictly supervised by Chengdu Human Resources & Social Security Information Center, this app is capable of providing a mobile service platform for healthcare treatment with high efficiency and great convenience to more than 16 million insured citizens in Chengdu!


THEKEY is not a stranger when it comes to major cooperatives projects in Chengdu. Over the years, THEKEY has already been working closely with the departments of Human Resources & Social Security in Chengdu in developing and maintaining the local online platform, such as the launch of Wechat Official Account which offers online services (e.g. information search engine) for insurers in Chengdu. The debut of the app this time proves to be another significant initiative to benefit the insurers in Chengdu, who will get to enjoy a better mobile social security service.  


Users simply can install the App in their mobile devices after downloading it from the Android Market (the IOS version will be launched later) and login it with their own social security accounts after a compulsory identity verification. With just a click, they can easily gain access to the abundant information of the mobile healthcare treatment, including: the insured account information, social security payment details, human resources & social security information, policy interpretation, the reimbursement drug list, medical reimbursement details, employment training etc. Moreover, they can choose from an extensive lists of hospitals, pharmacies and social security intuitions all on the app, at the comfort of their homes.

With further development aimed to improve the existing technology and operation capacity, THEKEY will extend the applications of “Chengdu Human Resources & Social Security 123” app in the aspects of handling the administrative affairs of social insurance and receiving healthcare treatment with social security etc.


More importantly, THEKEY will endeavor to construct more unified, standardized and intelligent mobile service platforms by applying blockchain based dynamic multi-dimension identification (BDMI) technology to the app. Being interconnected to the personal identity data of 16 million people in Chengdu has laid a solid foundation for identity verification (IDV). For instance, people can enjoy a more convenient life through BDMI; automatic diagnosis and treatment of diseases will be realized through the system. In the case that you want to purchase life or medical insurance, you can even choose to join a mutual insurance organization, or any reputable insurance company, and by accurate recommendation from the system, an appropriate insurance package will be prepared for you.


Every aspect of life needs identity verification based on BDMI technology i.e. medical treatment, consumption loan, medical loan, purchase of insurance services, claim settling and credit card application etc. The existence of THEKEY IDV services will definitely contribute largely towards integrating many aspects of lives with technology and identity verification.



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