Chen Weixing--a Great Star in the Blockchain Industry


Mr. Chen Weixing, whose name in Chinese literally means a Great Star, is shining in the blockchain space. The founder of Kuaidi and Funcity, Weixing has quickly claimed a top seat in the new era of technology. His wall of honor has already been decorated with countless laurels such as the Sole Hangzhou Recipient of National Employment and Entrepreneurship Individual Award by General Office of the State Council of China, China Youth Medal, Hangzhou Private Company Technology New Star, Forbes Entrepreneurs born in 1980s, and many more. In merely ten years, Weixing has transformed from a university student to a star entrepreneur standing on the top of the world. 


In this early era of blockchain, Weixing has once again showed his caliber of foresight and unparalleled capacity for strategic investment. He is a main investor in Binance, Huobi and Qtum, and he has been the star guest at various leading blockchain media channels such as the renowned 3 o’clock group and 36kr. He foresees that blockchain will ultimately narrow the gap between the rich and the poor and in the next 6 months, there will be a huge wave of opportunities in the blockchain sector. As a firm believer in technology, he also forecasts that the Wall Street will be displaced by the Silicon Valley—this is the natural tide of history and the fortune of mankind.

While many people have been devoting themselves in making loads of money from blockchain crowdfunding, Weixing is skeptical of this act of short-sightedness. He is able to see far beyond the immediate profit from the ICO craze. According to Weixing, the true value of blockchain lies in its capacity to change the relationship among consumers, laborers, creators, owners and organizers. It entails redistribution of wealth so that the value created during production is being shared by the parties in a much fairer manner instead of dominated by a few capitalists. This, he said, will be the first time in the history of mankind that technology can change the relationship of production as well as our perception of currency and finance. Blockchain is a technology for creating credibility and everyone will have a share of the benefit of this innovation.

From a shining entrepreneur to a highly respected protagonist of blockchain, the success story of Weixing will continue as he strides forth to create another miracle in the age of the blockchain. 

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