Ken Huang Was Invited to Speak at Two Blockchain and Innovation Summits at Stanford


Ken Huang of TheKey recently was invited to speak at two important Blockchain and Innovation summits at Stanford. The first summit was organized by Accenture, Google Stanford and SoftBank on Feb 28th. The Second summit was organized by famous crypto scientist Whitfield Diffie who was the author of Diffie–Hellman key exchange algorithm on Mar 1st. As a renowned Identity, Blockchain and Security expert, Ken Huang has shared the following key points during the two summits,

1) Blockchain essentially is building a trust fabric for the new economy. The future of blockchain will not be limited to the public chain alone. The trust fabric will enable business to business applications which would not possible due to lack of trust or very high cost of fabric. The integration of consortium blockchain and public chain shall enable new business to business model. The missing link to this new paradigm is the identity. TheKey is building an identity layer to fill this gap. If public chain market cap is multiple hundreds billions of dollars, the integration of consortium and public chain will represent multiple trillions of market cap. But, without Identity layer to power the consortium chain and bridge the gaps, this would not be possible.


2) The Blockchain development has started in the open source community and has the focus on experimentation and fast time to market mentality. The security is not the main focus. Now, we see more and more enterprise developers starting to development blockchain applications. In enterprise application development, the security and performance are the main focus. We will see more and more blockchain developers will pay attention to the "framework" such as TheKey solution to be part of security component in developing blockchain solutions.

 3) The real world use case for Blockchain will need the multiple dimensional identity. For example, the medical provider and grocery store will need different identity attributes from patients. TheKey's patent solution of multiple dimensional identity will be needed for any real world implementation of Blockchan solutions in the long run.


4) The Identity verification in many real world uses cases requires dynamic verification due to the fact that some identity attributes have expiration of validity. For example, the license status of a car driver or a family doctor. Thekey team realized this needs few years ago and have the patented technology to tackle the problems.

5) The identity verification results must be immutable, the blockchain solution will provide Thekey project with immutable identity verification results. 


Ken Huang’s unique and professional perspective on the technologies of Identity, Blockchain and Security left an extremely profound impression on the audience and received very warm echoes during the summits.

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