HashWorld takes the second step in its global expansion, holding the launch ceremony in Singapore successfully


What comes into your mind when you think of “Blockchain”, “Monopoly” and “Pokemon GO”?

Here comes HashWorld.


On April 9th, HashWorld hosted a successful launch ceremony in Singapore’s Silicon Valley at 9pm local time, marking a second step in its global expansion. The event venue – The Metro @ Singapore Science Park, is within close proximity to the west coast; an area known for its strong entrepreneurial atmosphere. With the triumph of this meetup event, HashWorld successfully took a huge step in penetrating the vast Southeast Asian market.

 HashWorld is the world’s first blockchain game with virtual economic qualities; a blockchain version of monopoly. It bridges the physical and digital world through the usage of location-based services and allows users to enjoy customized settings integrated with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. “The goal of HashWorld is to let users understand digital currency and blockchain through games while simultaneously introducing high-quality blockchain projects to their user community” said Jia Yinhao, founder and CEO of HashWorld as he announced the opening of the launch ceremony.

 Prior to the launch in Singapore, HashWorld has already introduced its product in the North-American district earlier this year on March 10th. Since launching, HashWorld has fiercely influenced the blockchain community and shows no signs of stopping. In only 2 months, they have grown to over 1,000,000 users. Heated discussions and favorable comments continue to run the online community, a strong indication of the game’s success. During the event, Jia introduced the blockchain-based game and shared his views of the technology’s application in the game industry and users’ daily activity.


Honored guests invited to the event included Johnny Zhang, MBA graduate from Stanford University, China Chief Executive Officer and Global Partner of Danhua Capital. He shared his recognition of HashWorld and future expectations of the game. Danhua Capital focuses on investing in the most disruptive innovation technologies and business models, linking China and the US emerging markets. As the angel investor to HashWorld, Danhua Capital has continuously supported HashWorld and witnessed its explosive growth from a simple concept to a game platform with over 700,000 users. Dr. Shou-Cheng Zhang, founder of Danhua Capital, who also sits membership of the American National Academy of Sciences(NAS) serve as the academic and technical advisor to HashWorld.


Several other honored guests joined the panel talk during the event, including Ms. Wu Xing, Senior Director of Huobi Pro and Mr Jose He, Co-Founder and CPO of Bountie. In order to give blockchain fans a better understanding of the concepts and future development of HashWorld, the guests conducted a brilliant discussion on the topic “blockchain product design and the future of digital era”, and raised many wonderful questions in the subsequent sessions.


Approximately 200 enthusiasts attended the meetup, majority of which were HashWorld die-hand fans from Nanyang Technological University. This group of young users are particularly interested in Hashworld’s land bidding element. In the trailer article of the launch event, a mysterious spot is announced to open as Singapore’s first virtual land auction. Wild guesses were gathered from the audience. One of the attendees prefer Sentosa because he had a date with his girlfriend there for the first time. Another young mother chose the Sands Hotel because of many memorable memories with her family there. An ambitious student was sure the first auction land would be the Singapore Central Business District (CBD), as Singapore is globally recognized as a financial center. The interaction with the audience reflected high expectations from users. Not only will users gain monetary rewards from the virtual land, the game was also specifically programmed to create sentimental attachments to the in-game land.


The biggest Easter Egg is smashed at the end of the event—an on-site bidding of Singapore Science Park, also known as Singapore’s Silicon Valley, the exact location of the launch event. During the auction period, Jia explained how the application of smart contracts in blockchain technology could ensure the virtual digital assets for landowners. HashWorld is able to guarantee that each piece of virtual land is unique, freehold, and free to trade. In addition, transparency ensures that changes cannot be made to land ownership or land revenue through black box augmentation, even for the HashWorld team members.

The launch event also benefited from the support of professionals from other sectors in Singapore and received surprisingly intense attention from Singapore’s blockchain community. Recently, the demo version of the HashWorld application has been released both on Andriod and IOS application stores. More could be expected from HashWorld in bringing users a joyful gaming experience.

For more information on Hashworld, do join the following communities:

Link: https://game.hashworld.top/en/

Telegram: @hashworldglobal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HashWorldGlobal/

Twitter: @hashworld_hsc

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