Up-and-coming blockchains: “Hero Node and PChain shares the endless possibilities of a decentralized network.”



Singapore – Budding blockchains gathered at The Blockchain Hub for an intriguing session last Thursday. The cozy meet saw the attendance of approximately 80 blockchain experts from all walks of life and began with a simple introduction to the blockchain technology by the Blockchain Hub’s Committee member, Mr. Hugo Hellebuyck.

The evening was then handed over to Dr. Jeff Cao, Vision and Science Officer at Hero Node, who shared more about PChain - the world’s first native multichain system that supports EVM. Having invented the very first international blockchain patent in all of China, as well as tabs to the first blockchain based asset earning rights transfer in the world (also the first financial blockchain transaction in China), Dr. Jeff came from a tech background rich in practical blockchain applications. Amongst his achievements also included 22 papers in ACM/IEEE top conference and more than 30 international patents, a strong indication of PChain’s technical fundamentals which opens their path to an assuring future.

Following a short Q&A session with Dr. Jeff, the meet continued with the second guest speaker of the night, Mr. Mason Zhang – Senior Blockchain Developer at Hero Node. The Hero Node project is a next generation decentralized blockchain fog computing platform providing public chain integration and distributed storage services. Mr. Zhang kept the presentation candid, using various kinds of analogies to help the audience understand the service Hero Node is offering to the community. He also shared the current problems blockchains are facing and how Hero Node’s revolutionary technology can potentially untangle them, giving rise to a more promising blockchain network.

The Blockchain Hub at 9 Temasek Boulevard is quickly becoming one of Singapore’s most sought-after spots to hold blockchain and fintech related meets. With adequate space to house approximately 250 blockchain experts, the hub aspires to be a unified platform for blockchain experts through fostering more robust communication amongst industry voices, facilitating dialogs with institutional bodies as well as aiding budding industry actors in achieving international outreach. Stay tuned for more educational workshops and blockchain-related meets at The Blockchain Hub.


Above: The event was hosted at The Blockchain Hub, a launchpad for blockchain and fintech firms in Singapore.


Above: A cozy meet on a Thursday evening.


Above: Mr. Mason Zhang – Senior Blockchain Developer at Hero Node.


Above: Dr. Jeff Cao, Vision and Science Officer at Hero Node.


Above: Interactive discussions were strongly encouraged by the speakers.


Above: Blockchain experts residing at the Hub mingling with the attendees.

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