“MaxiMize with MaxiMine 2018 Global Blockchain Technology Application Conference.”



Wuhan, China – Last weekend kicked off with a bang for the citizens of Wuhan, more specifically for the blockchain folks who have been anticipating the 2018 Global Blockchain Technology Application Conference. A global initiative co-hosted by Singaporean blockchain consulting firm, Talenta and prominent Chinese technological giants Shosen Tianci, Xiao Hu Chamber of Commerce as well as SYB, the 2018 Global Blockchain Technology Application Conference is part of MaxiMine’s global marketing campaign to showcase its revolutionary decentralized cloud mining services.

The affair was held at the majestic Poly Hotel along the historical district of Wuchang, with more than 500 blockchain enthusiasts in attendance. Much of the event was focused on exploring MaxiMine’s blockchain application; CEO Mr. Edward Du was very interactive with the guests in explaining the business prospects of MaxiMine’s cloud mining services, CTO Mr. Hua Cai’s hosted a candid discussion about MaxiMine’s underlying technology and Managing Director of Shosen Tianci International was more than excited to enlighten the guests about the momentous impact cloud mining can have on the traditional industry. With a robust lineup, interactive games as well as an electrifying lucky draw during the finale, the evening concluded as a fulfilling one with popular reception.


Above: With more than 500 guests in attendance, the event received considerable media coverage.


Above: A ceremony to launch the MXM Global Mining Association.


Above: CEO of MaxiMine, Mr. Edward Du, explaining the business prospects of MaxiMine’s cloud mining services.


Above: CMO of Shosen Tianci International, Mr. Zhou Tao.


Above: Guests were encouraged to share their thoughts on the MaxiMine project and discussions were kept interactive.


Above: Managing Director of Shosen Tianci International, Mr. Li Yi Ao, hosted a sing-along session much to the delight of the guests. He is best-known in the entertainment industry as a pre-competition vocal mentor for popular mandarin singing competition, The Voice of China.

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