Blockchain Seoul Meet 2018: Maximine, SCC and THEKEY Demystify Digital Wealth



Seoul – prominent blockchains Maximine, Source Code Chain (SCC) and THEKEY convened in South Korea’s technological hub last Thursday for an interactive networking session on the prominent topic of digital wealth. Hosted by blockchain consulting firm Talenta as part of its Asia tour to bring blockchain technology around the world, the cozy conference had a promising lineup of distinguished speakers: SCC’s experienced Community Manager, Ms Quinn Li, up-and-coming disruptor Maximine, represented by Mr Edward Du, and China’s Most Outstanding Female Entrepeneur of the Year and CEO of THE KEY, Ms Catherine Li.


Many novel ideas and prospects were showcased  during the thrilling three hour-long sharing session. One such solution, elaborated on by SCC’s Community Manager Ms Quinn Li, entailed  a novel approach that taps on AI technology to improve the work effiency of software engineering industry. With a crowdsourced incentive-based mechanism supporting its blockchain development, the project brings a refreshing brand new mode of collaboration to freelance software developers.


SCC  reaches out to developers from all over the world to collaborate in building an exhaustive source code chain for future use. Its unique feature lies in its aim to simplify the process of software development by creating an unprecedented collaborative resource all developers can use -- with the added help of its in-built intelligent AI Development Assistant. The AI Assistant can help developers complete what others have already done before, thereby enabling them to focus on their creative work efficiently. This time-and-effort-saving prospect piqued the interest of many software engineers present in the audience (who couldn’t say no to the prospect of doing less for more.)


Following that, Mr Edward Du presented an  eye-opening detailed overview of Maximine’s project – the aptly named MaxiMine, a multi-token, multi-pool decentralised cloud mining platform that seeks to radically change the future of digital wealth with the flexibility of token-switching and decentralised mining access.


The promising presentation was rounded up by THEKEY’s Ms Catherine Li delivering an in-depth explanation of its breakthrough IDV2 technology – its powerful government-authorised Blockchain-based Dynamic Multi-Dimension Identification -- prompting an excitable stream of questions from the South Korean audience.


The highlight of the Blockchain Seoul Meet 2018 was definitely having three up-and-coming blockchains in one space. The audience could view the blockchains’ individual merits as well as their complementary aspects, and recognise for themselves how these breakthrough technologies would advance the future of blockchain-fuelled digital wealth accumulation. The meetup also provided the blockchains with insight into the South Korean blockchain community’s hopes and concerns, as well as opened doors through friendly networking.


Above: Ms Quinn Li (right), Community Manager of SCC, accepting questions from the intrigued audience.


Above: A cozy meetup with Seoul fans - Mr Edward Du mingling with guests after the event.


Above: Ms Catherine Li answering questions up close and personal with an invested audience member.


Above: An audience member sharing his insights in the interactive Q&A session.


Above: The lively Seoul Meet turnout.


Above: The blockchain firms at the event’s helm. 

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