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Above: As of press time, Õpet’s telegram community has already hit a whopping 93k followers.

Ever since its inception in early 2018, Õpet has been garnering mass interest within the educational industry and is applauded as the future to self-sufficient learning and education inclusion. It’s identity as an interactive learning platform powered by artificial intelligence grants students the privileges of having a personal tutor 24/7, all whilst their learning patterns get picked up in the background for future learning recommendations.

Õpet’s AI technology is very much in favour of its vision to build an inclusive education platform, where all students, including those with diverse needs, can participate, learn and interact at their own pace. Through this, individual strengths and gifts are identified and subsequently nurtured to grow the student to be the best person they can be. As of press time, Õpet’s telegram community has already hit a whopping 93k followers, a figure that presents them snug seating next to current crowd-favourites like Ripple and EOS.

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