Veteran of distributed ledger technology, Blockchain Monk, joins Õpet as advisor



Singapore — Blockchain-based artificial intelligence learning platform Õpet recently welcomed Blockchain Monk as a new addition to their panel of esteemed advisors.

Having already kicked off its project with a slew of industry professionals around the world in its panel- including experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, IT and blockchain development, software architecture and digital marketing, Õpet is ready to step up their game with mavens of distributed ledger technology by their side.

Blockchain Monk is India’s very first end-to end Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Research firm and has been widely recognized for its strengths in deploying next-gen distributed ledgers, smart contracts and other crypto assets. Helming this industry giant is a blockchain legend, best known as one of the original 8 ambassadors of the P2P foundation — Mr. Karthik Iyer. With his extensive research exposure in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, he has mentored dozens of blockchain, DAO and AI firms around the world and has built, scaled and deployed cutting-edge fintech solutions for multiple fortune 100 companies. A well-respected individual in the field of fintech, Mr. Iyer’s views has also been widely published on major media sites such as The Economic Times, Forbes as well as popular TV series “The Future of Money”.

The partnership with Õpet would be imperative in strengthening Õpet’s blockchain-based learning platform, making it the most efficient, scalable and secure way of sharing and transmitting academic information. Mr. Iyer’s extensive influence is also expected to fast-track Õpet’s progression and expansion plans, accelerating their entry into the global arena. Most importantly, Õpet’s artificial intelligence chatbot, a flagship feature of the learning platform, will be benefitting enormously from Mr. Iyer’s rich background as the founder of India’s first applied artificial intelligence and social discovery company in the matching space.

With both the entrepreneurial and technical expertise that Mr. Iyer has to offer, Õpet is now armed with the finest in the industry — a privilege that most can only dream of.

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