Blockchain Forum 2018: Maximine Shows Manila The Transformative Power of Blockchain Mining


Manila, 28 May 2018 - Blockchain firms convened in Philippines’ business hub last month for the highly anticipated Blockchain Forum 2018. Held at the SMX Convention Centre Aura, the interactive event drew many prominent blockchains, renowned businesses and investors among its attendees - a promising turnout for the up-and-coming industry.

The three-day-long programme commenced bootcamp-style, starting with small-scale focus groups that covered the basics of blockchain technology. The thoughtful measure was to ensure that every attendee, regardless of his level of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, would have a clear understanding of blockchain technology before the expert speakers took to the stage.

One of the promising blockchains present was Maximine, represented by Mr. Edward Du, who showcased the merits of the firm’s cloud-based pool mining technology. Mr Du gave a rundown of the ambitious project, highlighting its unique ability to revolutionise the future of mining with a centralised pool platform.

Harnessing the massive economies of scale that come with cloud mining, Maximine offers individual miners a chance to be a part of a highly efficient and specialised mining pool whereby users trade tokens for hashing power. By eliminating the inefficiencies of independent mining, Maximine revolutionises the mining industry by capitalising on the cheap electricity of its Northern China mines to maximise coin returns. The mutually beneficial solution that MaxiMine presented received a warm welcome in Manila - especially with an audience made up of Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The extensive speaker line-up consisted blockchains from all over the world, including Filipino blockchain maestro and top experts from the fintech industry - one of whom was Mr Arvie de Vera, first Vice President and Head of Fintech Business Group at Unionbank. The presentations were rounded up by Q&A sections and interactive networking interludes which proved highly productive - as expected of the Blockchain hotbed gathered in Manila.

Blockchain Forum 2018 Programme Highlights:  


“Bootcamp” presentations were helpful in equipping attendees with a clear understanding of blockchain technology. (Photo Credit: Blockchain Asia Forum)


A free-for-all booth space reserved for ICOs to win supporters from Manila’s blockchain community. (Photo Credit: Blockchain Asia Forum)


The successful round-off to the Blockchain Forum 2018 in Manila. (Photo Credit: Blockchain Asia Forum)

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